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The Versatility and Luxury of Vinyl Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles


Today’s luxury vinyl floor tiles are one of the safest and most durable options for floor covering in public spaces. But that’s only part of the reason why designers choose to use vinyl tile for retail spaces, museums, galleries, or libraries, healthcare facilities, hospitality spaces, or other places where color, pattern, and beauty is integral. The way that today’s premium vinyl tile is produced means that it has many aesthetic advantages over other types of flooring, including vinyl sheets.


Cool, Contemporary, and Beautiful


Vinyl flooring has long been popular in public spaces for a number of reasons, including durability. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, rolling loads, spills, and more. Vinyl is also easy to clean and disinfect, making maintenance simple. And vinyl is cost effective, with its relatively low initial investment and longevity making it an excellent choice for large applications.


But what makes today’s vinyl tile stand head and shoulders above the crowd is its aesthetic possibilities. While vinyl sheet has also undergone advances in recent years, tiles and planks, by virtue of their size, can be printed with much greater clarity and vibrancy. More colours can be printed on the smaller tiles, making the resulting images more realistic, with greater color intensity and finer details.


In addition, tiles are available in numerous shapes, from hexagonal to parallelogram, from square to planks and chevrons. This allows the design team to play with geometric patterns, or construct a variety of areas within a single space.


Better vinyl tile designers offer dozens of choices, from saturated solid colors to ultra-realistic woodgrain, from funky pink cow pattern to green grass or ocean waves. In addition, many offer custom design services, and that means the possibilities are endless! Put a company logo front and centre, design a meaningful mural, or plant whimsical images in specific areas.


The high-resolution printing available for vinyl tile makes it a good option in those cases where designers want to create a "natural” feel for a public space. Tiles can create the look of wood plank flooring, natural stone, or materials like cork or bamboo, at a fraction of the cost.


Practical Advantages


Vinyl tiles also have practical advantages. Loose lay tiles, for example, mimic the thickness of carpet, allowing you to marry hard and soft surfaces easily. This can be useful for multi-purpose spaces, or for reinforcing high-traffic areas.


Vinyl tiles also have greater stability than large sheet vinyl does. Each tile is engineered to resist shrinking and remain stable. Tiles are easier to install than vinyl sheeting, which requires a great deal of expertise to prevent bubbling.


Rarely, a vinyl floor may incur damage. If that happens with vinyl sheeting, it can be difficult to repair. A vinyl tile, however, can simply be removed and replaced.


In addition, vinyl tile manufacturers have developed new measures that increase the safety of their products. Some tiles have microscopic glass beads below the polyurethane layer that help the tiles to be slip-resistant. In many cases, they become more slip-resistant when they’re wet. For healthcare and educational institutions, vinyl tiles with special anti-microbial properties may be the best choice.


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